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Getty Images / Yana Paskova, Bill Pugliano

Who is Rubio campaigning against? “Them.” In these two crucial minutes of his campaign announcement, he refers only to “our leaders.” Why so vague? He’s not just running against Democrats. He’s running against Jeb Bush and other politicians he considers leaders “of the 20th century.”

Is our military weakened?

"New American Century"

The “New American Century” is the centerpiece of Rubio’s campaign. It’s all over his campaign website. And the message seems to be resonating. In a recent Fox News poll, those surveyed said Rubio, more than his opponents, is a “leader of the future.”

Rubio's tax plan

Who would benefit under Rubio’s tax plan? Like most GOP plans, it cuts taxes for investments and businesses, but unlike most GOP plans, Rubio is pushing a 35 percent top rate on individuals, far higher than what most Republican candidates support.

Repeal Obamacare?

Graduation rates

The Wall Street Journal

High school graduation rates in the U.S. are higher than ever. But many critics of the Obama education administration, including Rubio, argue this is a hollow statistic — and that degrees aren’t as valuable as they should be.