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Wisconsin’s budget is a mess

But here’s the full story

Yes, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has dropped with Scott Walker as governor. But many other, less flattering statistics give a fuller picture of the state’s economy. Wisconsin’s private sector job growth and its citizens’ wages have fallen behind the rest of the country. And a study from Pew Charitable Trusts showed Wisconsin’s middle class shrinking at a faster rate than any other state.

One ranking of many

It’s true that CEO Magazine has moved Wisconsin from 43rd to 12th in its rankings of best states to do business in. But this is based only off perceptions from CEOs. And there are many other rankings just as well-known that put Wisconsin further down that list. Forbes puts the state 32nd. And the Tax Foundation ranks Wisconsin 43rd in its Business Tax Climate Index. PolitiFact has an excellent and very thorough check on this claim from Walker.