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Congressional Budget Office

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office weighed the data on this and found that the Senate’s 2013 immigration reform bill would’ve stimulated the economy and closed the gap on the federal deficit but meant slightly lower wages.

Where she stands

This interactive chart shows the correlation between stronger gun restrictions in the U.S. and fewer gun deaths.

Clinton’s political opponents, including Trump, have accused her of pushing to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate firearms. Not only has she proposed neither, but the confiscation of firearms isn’t something that has even entered into serious discussion at the federal level. Critics point out that Clinton spoke highly of Australia’s gun reforms. Those reforms were followed by a decrease in gun homicides (and overall homicides) and entailed a mandatory gun buyback program. But rather than a mandatory buyback, Clinton suggested a model similar to President Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers” car buyback, which was voluntary. Additionally, a buyback program isn’t among the gun policy proposals listed on Clinton’s website.

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