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More guns, more protection?

Not just the no-fly list

Guns and booze?

Here are the numbers

Getty Images / Scott Olson

Clinton is right to say the majority of Americans and gun owners support these policies. A recent Gallup poll showed 86 percent support nationwide for universal background checks. Another survey posed the same question to gun owners and found 83 percent support. On preventing people on the no-fly list from purchasing guns, Republicans actually favor the measure by a greater count (90 percent) than Democrats (85 percent).

What Clinton doesn’t mention here is her support for banning assault-style weapons. Survey results have fluctuated in the past few years, but a CBS poll this summer showed 57 percent support nationwide for the ban.

She doesn't

Trump’s claims that Clinton wants to “abolish the Second Amendment” and take Americans’ guns away is false. Although she supports widening background checks and preventing the sale of weapons like the AR-15, Clinton has never supported confiscating guns — and no proposal to do so has been seriously considered in Congress. She has said that a gun buyback program, similar to the one that jumpstarted Australia’s successful gun reform, would be “worth considering.”