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The housing bubble helped

A $19-billion tax cut?

Getty Images / Mark Wilson

Under Governor Jeb Bush, Floridians cumulatively saved about $19 billion in taxes. But in citing this number (which comes from Jeb’s Right to Rise PAC, not from his campaign), he’s including tax revenue saved as a result of actions from his state legislature and even from the end of the estate tax. That wasn’t a policy from Jeb, but rather a federal-level change pushed by his brother, then-President George W. Bush.

For these and several other reasons, Politifact labeled this statement from Jeb a half truth. You can read their dive into the claim here.

Explaining Jeb’s reforms

Common core support?

Jeb Bush has long defended the controversial Common Core standards for students. Raising expectations (and more clearly defining them) have been part of his education agenda for many years. But as you’ll see in the above video, recently Bush has been careful to clarify that he wants states, not the federal government, setting those standards. And he has criticized the Obama administration for pushing a larger federal role.